Holt Laser Replacement Cunningham & Outhaul...

Holt Laser Replacement Cunningham & Outhaul Turbo Kit


Holt Laser Replacement Cunningham & Outhaul Turbo Kit includes all the blocks and ropes needed to upgrade your cunningham and outhaul:

  • 1 x Cleat Base With Two Cleats And Over Fairleads
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Block Base With 2 20mm Dynamic Fork Blocks
  • 4 x 20mm Dynamic Single Blocks
  • 1 x 20mm Dynamic Hook Block
  • 2 x Nylon Stopper Balls
  • 4 x Fastenings
  • 1 x 62mm x 4mm Dyneema light
  • 1 x 481mm x 4mm Dyneema light
  • 1 x 102mm x 5mm shock cord
  • 1 x 394mm Dyneema Light
  • 1 x 140mm x 4mm
  • Mast retaining line pre-stretched
  • 1 x 1710mm x 3.5 Dyneema red
  • 1 x 925mm x 3.5 Dyneema red
  • 1 x 625mm x 3.5mm Dyneema red

Check the ILCA class rules before purchasing/using this equipment in and official ILCA competition. See the Description below.


The Outhaul and Cunningham Deck fitting plate,  is one of the items for which ILCA specifies a list of class legal products (such as sails, foils, and some other equipments). Although this HOLT kit is build with the best quality, we recommend to check the last version of the class rules or consult your race official measurer, before purchasing or using this product in official ILCA competitions.

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